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Faculty of Philology and Arts

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Special Faculty of Philology that is a division of the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University, the oldest and one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Russia, offers professional second higher education programs.
Russian and foreign citizens who have a higher education well as students of other higher education institutions (parallel form of training) are accepted to the Faculty.
  1. On completion of education in the specialty Philology students get qualifications:
    • Philologist; Foreign Language Teacher English, German, French, Italian and other languages. Specialisation Translation Studies and Practical Translation and Interpreting
    • Philologist; Teacher of Russian Language for the Foreign Students (duration of training for the students who have a higher education in philology is half a year).

On completion of education in the specialty Intercultural Communication Theory and Practice students get qualifications:
    • Linguist. Specialist in Intercultural Communication.

Masters Programs:
On completion of education in the field of study Linguistics. Translation Theory and Interlingual Communication students get qualification:
  • Master of Linguistics.

On completion of education students get standard state recognised diplomas.
  1. Duration of education: one to six semesters depending on the specialty of previous education and qualification of the second education.
    The curriculum includes training in two foreign languages, basic courses in General Linguistics, Russian and Foreign Literature, Area Studies, History of Russian and Foreign Philosophy. Special attention is paid to the Translation Theory and Practice (both from and into the Russian language).
  2. During training students acquire skills of translation and interpreting, get knowledge in foreign languages teaching methodology, have introductory and professional practical training.
    The classes are held by the leading professors of St. Petersburg State University as well as professors from universities of Great Britain, USA and Germany.
  3. Learning and teaching process is based on advances training methods.
    The new lecture rooms equipped with the advanced means of language teaching, computer and video classes, satellite TV, video and audio collection are at the disposal of the students.
    Facultys library has a considerable collection of special literature. Students can also use the University libraries, including the Scientific Library named after M. Gorky During developing their diploma theses students can use the library of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  4. The Faculty promotes students to take special language courses in leading universities of Great Britain, USA and Germany as well as in other countries. Students of the English Department have an opportunity to lake the exam held by the British Council and get a Cambridge certificate.
  5. Individuals who already have a higher education as well as senior students are accepted to the Faculty. Students are placed in groups according to the results of the tests. In addition to philological education, special attention is paid to the methodological training of the future specialists, who should be able to teach the Russian language to foreign students in higher education institutions, clubs, and courses.
  6. Admission to the Faculty is open during all the year, the classes start in October and February. All applicants submit an application for the acceptance to the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University. Graduates attach state-recognised diplomas of higher education. Students of other higher education institutions attach academic records, certificates of student status, copies of the certificates of secondary education, passport and six photos, size 3x4. Enrollment to the Faculty is performed on the basis of admissions tests after receipt of payment to the account of the Faculty under the contract between the University Rector (or other representative authorised by the Rectors order) and the person, paying for the education.
  7. On completion of education students get state diplomas of higher professional education in one of the abovementioned specialties.
    Education has a fee-paying basis.
  8. Students from other RF cities are provided with hostels.
  9. Our graduates continue their education at the SPbSU postgraduate program, work at foreign language departments of the University and other higher education institutions of the city, in prestigious companies and organisations as well as get jobs abroad (Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, Germany, etc.)

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